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Will Pope Benedict XVI ever publicly celebrate an EF Mass?

I cannot believe that any Catholic would not welcome the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of Mass by the Holy Father. In fact, the balance of Church life seems out of kilter because it has not yet taken place. We have the Ordinary Form which, of course, Pope Benedict celebrates and then we have the Extraordinary Form which he doesn't.

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We wait and pray, Holy Father!

Would it be too banal to liken this situation to a man who has two cars? He drives one regularly but the other remains unused in the garage. Need I say more?

But there may be sound reasons why this momentous event has not taken place; there are groups within the Church who actually would be most.......upset? ....not quite the word......very angry? - more like it, if the Pope said the Tridentine Latin Mass. In fact, it is rumoured that some French Bishops (and possibly a few  German and Dutch ones) would be so angry that they would cut the ties with Rome. I do not know if this is true or not but it may account for the fact that the 'Mass of all Time' has not featured on the Holy Father's busy schedule.

He has to do all within his power to stop any fragmentation of the faithful, yet he cannot be held a hostage to fortune, or, in this case, Providence! A difficult road to walk and one that may not satisfy the traditional wing of the faith - prayers are needed and, with that thought in mind, I turn to the unfailing wisdom and grace of Thomas a Kempis.

This is a chapter for those who want for something that appears unnattainable:-

The Voice of the Lord:

My son, on every such occasion this is what you should say: Lord, if this is Your will, let it happen like this. Lord, if this brings you honour, let it be done in your name. Lord, if You see that this will help me and do me good, then grant that I may use it to the honour of Your name. But if you know that it will harm me, and not advance my soul's salvation, then take the desire away.

The Holy Spirit is not the author of every desire that seems good and proper to you. It is not easy to decide whether it is a good spirit or an evil one that generates any particular desire, or even if it originates in your own spirit. Many find themselves deceived in the end, although they thought at first that some good spirit led them.

So whatever desirable scheme presents itself to you, you must be governed by humility and the fear of God as you work towards it; above all, you must commit it entirely to Me, abandoning your own will, and saying: Lord, You know what is best. May Your will decide what shall be done. Give what You will, how much You will, and when you will. Do what you know is best for me, do what pleases you and brings your name most honour. Put me where You will, and deal with me in all things as You please. I am in Your hand - turn me backwards and forwards, turn me upside down.
Here I am, Your servant, ready for anything, for I have no desire to live for myself, but only to live perfectly and worthily for You.

A prayer that God's will be done

Most kind Jesus, grant Me Your grace to be at my side and share my labours, and remain with me right to the end. Grant that it may always be my longing and desire to do whatever is acceptable and pleasing to You.
May Your will become mine, and my will always follow Yours in perfect harmony. Grant that I may be one with You in choosing and rejecting, that I may be unable to choose or reject except as You would do.

Grant that I may die to the claims of everything in this world, and that for Your sake, I may aim at being unknown and unvalued among men.
Grant that beyond all my desires I may find my rest in You, and in You discover peace for my heart. You are the true peace of the heart, its only rest.
All that is outside You is rough and restless. I rest in You, the highest, the everlasting God, and even as I lie down, sleep comes, and with sleep tranquility.

The Imitation of Christ

Posted by Richard Collins - Linen on the Hedgerow


  1. This is a very unifying post. Both for the individual's heart and ultimately for the body of Christ.

    I have no preferences as to what Mass should be celebrated in church on Sunday. I would just get on with it, whatever, as long as the Pope OK's it, I'll pray it. I am not familiar enough with rubrics/rites etc.....yet

    However, I do see that the Lord speaks especially, to certain souls through the liturgy and that for some this is their main channel of reception to Him worship wise. Therefore I acknowledge that poor liturgy for such souls is a burden to carry through this vale of tears. Like having to eat food off the floor almost.

    I think the words and prayer you cite and the willingness in your own spirit shown in your words is truly godly Richard(if that isn't blasphemous to say? I'm so ignorant in these areas).
    This attitude is something we could all use more of. I am going to take a leaf out of your book (or post, rather).

    I shall also pray that the Pope grants you the desire of your heart, according to God's will. What's Latin, for 'Please?' I want it to be a gracious prayer.

    Remember, with God, all things ARE possible. Even recalcitrants (me) praying for Latin masses for cumudgeons(vous)! (The EF is in Latin, I take it?)

    Expect a miracle!

  2. The "fragmentation of the faithful"?
    Not over this issue surely?
    The TLM extreme traditionalists are a very small fragment. Most of us like to use both cars if we are fortunate to have access to two. It's not an either /or.

    Interesting post and very good comment. I appreciate the the Guild does not seem to censor or remove reasonable personal observations.

  3. @13.09 - I meant that Shadowlands comments were inspirational.

    Martin - Yes, large sections of the Church could well break up over this issue, or so I believe.


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