Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Write to the Apostolic Nuncio

"Separating the Wuerls from the Men"
(Photo: Opening Mass at the Knights of Columbus 131st annual Supreme Convention, San Antonio, Texas, 6 August 2013.
Caption: Rorate Caeli.)

In the wake of the Theodore McCarrick scandal, the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report, and the Testimony of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, some may be interested in writing to the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington, DC, to express their concern and request action.  Addresses and suggested points to mention in your letter are provided below.

Be sure to mention that you realize the problem goes much deeper than sexual deviancy in the hierarchy and clergy, and that it includes theological and liturgical deviancy as well.  See here and here.

You may want to request some or all of these points:

  • The removal of Donald Wuerl as Archbishop of Washington, DC, and his expulsion from the College of Cardinals;
  • The removal of Blaise Cupich as Archbishop of Chicago, and his expulsion from the College of Cardinals;
  • The removal of Joseph Tobin as Archbishop of Newark, and his expulsion from the College of Cardinals;
  • The removal of Robert McElory as Bishop of San Diego;
  • The release of the 300 page report prepared under Pope Benedict XVI detailing sodomite infiltration of the Vatican and the Church; and
  • The resignation of Jorge Bergoglio.

Be sure to copy Donald Wuerl, Blaise Cupich, Joseph Tobin, and Robert McElroy.  Their addresses are included below.

Finally, it is recommended that you inform the Nuncio that you will pray for him, the Pope, bishops, priests, and the Church, as well as the victims.  You are encouraged to offer reparation to Almighty God, as well.

Most Reverend Christophe Pierre
Apostolic Nuncio
3339 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

Donald Wuerl
Archdiocese of Washington
P.O. Box 29260
Washington, DC 20017-0260

Blaise Cupich
Archdiocese of Chicago
835 North Rush Street 
Chicago, IL 60611-2030

Joseph Tobin
Archdiocese of Newark
171 Clifton Avenue
Newark, NJ 07104

Robert McElroy
Diocese of San Diego
P.O. Box 85728
San Diego, CA 92186-5728

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  1. I believe that the Church needs to appoint an independent layman, perhaps a retired judge, to look into these matters urgently. He must have full power to require discovery of all documentation whether in the USA or the Vatican. If something on these lines is not done by 30th September then the College of Cardinals should demand Pope Francis's resignation.


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