Tuesday, 5 April 2016

College Hoosiers Confuse Dominican Friar with a Klansman

Recently, there was a frantic eyewitness report from a student that a Klansman was walking the campus of the University of Indiana Bloomington with a weapon.  Other students confirmed that there was a guy wearing a white hooded robe with what looked like a whip around his waist.

Following the spirit of Hoosiers Helping Hoosiers, word was quickly spread throughout the campus The Residents Assistant at Eigenmann Hall Sophomore Ethan Gill dutifully spread this warning to his charges via e-mail.

Two hours later, Gill sent this update after another sighting of the mysterious man at the Red Mango Frozen Yogurt shop:

Before one simply tut-tuts the cluelessness of these secular snowflakes for mistaking a Dominican Friar as a KKK Klansman, it is worth considering the social media commentary after the elucidation of this so called "hilarious misunderstanding". 

One wag wondered, in a less than graceful way, why the friar was on campus at night.

A few social media commentators who seemed to get it gave the wayfare wag his comeuppance. 

HT: The Tab

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  1. This made me laugh at first thinking that surely April 1st had passed. Then when I verified it was no longer April 1st I realised that the reason why this occurred was that the majority of students and indeed the general public have probably never seen a Religious in his robes or a Nun in a habit or even a Priest in a cassock. The 'look' is entirely alien to them hence their mistaking the Dominican Friar for a member of the KKK.

    I remember going to an Art talk at the National Gallery and trying to find the Priest who was giving it. I went up to one of the officials to ask where it was starting from and explained it was being led by a Priest. She said 'Oh you mean the man in the long black dress.'


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