Monday, 16 February 2015

Paying Attention to Signs

In these times of confusion, the only thing one can do is stay close to Christ, His Church, and work on personal holiness.

Italy and France will help Libya against those who killed the Coptic Christian workers, who died for the Faith.

Do not fall either for the far right or the far left. 

Remember, that our Faith is based on reason and not the emotions, or knee-jerk reactions to news items.

Pray, reflect, think, act. Most of all, try and get to daily Mass, weekly Confession and Adoration.

We can read the signs of the times. God is allowing evil to have its day for the purification of the Church, and for the punishment of gross sins.

This is a time for grown-ups, not children in the Lord. Pay attention, do not fall back into sleep.

Watch and pray.

May I add that to watch with Christ means being in the Garden of Gethsemane with Him, watching and praying, suffering with Him, in love.

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