Saturday, 3 January 2015

Unusual Note

I do not advertise my blog on this one, but I know there are many people confused about the synodal documents. Starting on January 1st, I have over fifteen posts on the heresies behind some of the ideas coming out of the cardinals from Germany and America specifically. Please feel free to ask questions, as we must, as Catholics be very clear as to what is being pushed by some church leaders, as opposed to the long teaching on marriage and same-sex active relations.

The problems are, in a nutshell, these:

First, there was an attack on the Liturgy, starting in the years after Vatican II. Then, there was an attack on the priesthood, with the undermining of the priest's role in the Church and the rising, especially in England, of latent anti-clericism. After that, there was an attack on the sacraments, especially marriage and the Eucharist, which has come to a head this last October. Now, there is an attack on grace and the Church's teaching on predilection.

In addition,  there is also an attack on the entire set of truths about the Fall of Man, Original Sin and even the Redemption of Christ. Next, there will be an attack on the very nature of God's relationship to humans.

Unless the laity understand that all of these attacks are diabolical in nature and come from those who want to Protestantize the Church, the lay person will become more confused. We do not have to be confused, as we have the resources to find out the truth and error of all positions.

This takes time and commitment. God bless you all, and please take time to follow up on some of those posts.

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