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Saturday, 19 April 2014

For my friends in America and in France-a cruel reminder

French General Francois Joseph Westermann penned a letter to the Committee of Public Safety stating: "There is no more Vendée... According to the orders that you gave me, I crushed the children under the feet of the horses, massacred the women who, at least for these, will not give birth to any more brigands. I do not have a prisoner to reproach me. I have exterminated all."

I have been teaching the massacre, the genocide of the Vendee Catholics to my pupil. I was in the Vendee two years ago and the area is numinous. I have wanted to write more about this horrible time, but have not had time.
More here:

This time of barbarism will happen again. I am waiting to read Michael Davies book on this subject.

The French Government still denies this was genocide. It was. Up to 425,000 Catholics, including women and children were killed.

If you are in denial, as I have written since 2007, I urge you to read the history of these people. I think Robert Hugh Benson was influenced by their martyrdom, using some imagery of the atrocities in his book, Lord of the World.

I have put a few links below to get you started. This time of history, 1793-1796 must be taught.

We do not have much time.

This history has been repressed because of the American glorification of the French Revolution, which was started by Masons, the great enemy of the Church.

Look up the meaning of "The Grace to the Prisoners" when a Vendee leader made his men listen to the words of the Pater Noster.


The loyal Catholic farmers used the windmills as signals. Here are some:

The mills, stood on the the high grounds, are excellent signals for the Vendean fighters and are burnt by republican army. The positions of the wind-vanes give the necessary indications:
1. nothing to signal;
2. caution musters of troops;
3. enemies in the neighbourhood;

4. no more danger. 

photos from the first link above

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