Monday, 1 July 2013

We have white smoke...we have a new Chairman!

Please welcome Laurence England as the new Chairman of the Guild!

But first, let me again pay tribute, on behalf of all members, to the great work and initiative of Dylan Parry in establishing the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandma in the first instance.

Without Dylan it is true to say that we probably would not have a Guild today, and, as good Guild practice dictates, we remember him in our prayers and wish him God’s providence for the future. Thank you Dylan.

Well, we held the election as outlined in previous posts and three members were duly nominated and, out of those, Laurence’s name had the most votes. So, for those who do not know Laurence (surely no one falls into that category) and his excellent blog, That The Bones You Have Crushed MayThrill, let me paint you a brief biographical picture.

Laurence England resides in the Brighton area (where he is blessed by having Fr Ray Blake as his PP) and is what I would describe as a ‘young man’……I believe in his early to mid thirties.

He has a special focus on the poor and the homeless and social injustice of every kind and, for me at least, he is the prompt of my Catholic conscience in matters of the care of those unloved and disadvantaged by society today.

Readers of his blog will know that Laurence attends many orthodox events, such as the Michael Voris talk in London and the Walsingham Pilgrimage.

But perhaps, I should let Laurence speak for himself in his own blog introduction:-

“….I converted to the Catholic Faith in 2001 at the Cathedral of the Precious Blood in Westminster after a period of soul searching and prayer. I attend St Mary Magdalen Church in Brighton and write regularly for this blog (TTBYHCMT) and the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma on issues relevant to the Catholic Faith.
I am particularly enthusiastic about Pope Benedict XVI’s reforms of the liturgy and attend the Traditional Latin Mass every Friday.”

Welcome, Laurence, and may the Guild prosper under your leadership.

Richard Collins - Linen on the Hedgerow

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