Saturday 27 July 2013

Please Watch EWTN's On Assignment, This Wednesday, July 31st

This week, Cardinal Burke spoke in an interview about the connection between liturgical abuses and moral corruption

My son was involved in the Totus Tuus program at a parish with a modern church.  I attended adoration.  I could not find the tabernacle. 

However, there was a chair for the priest in the center of the sanctuary.  I was struck by how completely this design choice put man front and center, and left Jesus hiding in the shadows.

I'm asking all who read this to assist in restoring the sacred to our liturgies.  This doesn't have to be a TLM Mass.  We use the Novus Ordo, but it is profoundly different than the 4-hymn-sandwich at so many parishes.  One simple way you can support bringing the sacred back to liturgy is by following the examples documented below.  May God bless our efforts.

Try sending this link to your pastors: then watch

Where Heaven Meets Earth: Restoring the Sacred at St. Peter Church

St. John Cantius: Restoring the Sacred.

This little film company has this mission:

Despite the amorality of our day, people are seeking intelligent, honest, spiritual and moral leadership. This desire has led many to begin restoring the sacred traditions that have been all but abandoned by society; but these efforts, and their amazing results, are rarely documented and portrayed on television or in other media.

StoryTel is working to fill this void by telling these stories in high quality media productions that present heroes of the past and present in powerful and entertaining ways. Through these godly role models, we inspire our viewers to pursue opportunities and solve problems that require a vision bigger than themselves.

If you prefer, you can watch on EWTN International. Click here to find the schedule for On Assignment: Where Heaven Meets Earth. The Times should sync to your computer for your local times.

St. Peter's is my parish. We are in a temporary chapel, set up in the parish hall. Even so, look at how we strive for keeping the space holy:


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