Sunday, 11 March 2012

One under the eight - that is, seven of the best posts!

Well, it was a week of high peaks and drama. Cardinal O'Brien made a welcome statement on gay marriage but then went into rant mode which does not help to make a good case but then, who am I to comment?

President Obama rolls on with his anti Catholic campaign and the sleeping giant of Catholic America begins to yawn and wake up to the fact that the world is now well and truly set against us...and then, Rick Santorum bounces back once more while, at home, the good, staid and sensible Conservative Party turns into a Stalinist mob out to get Christians in whatever shape or form, but most especially, in the shape of a cross.

So, in a sense, it is good to return to the good battles within the Church, much more homely.
And Stuart at Ecumenical Diablog reminds us that a very special anniversary took place on 6th March, that of the approval of reception of Holy Communion by hand, just a mere thirty six years ago.
What were you doing in 1976?

But the conditions surrounding the approval (or many of them) do not appear to have been met. Good to be reminded of them though.

Second on my list is Chris Gillibrand at Catholic Church Conservation (rumour has it that CG has moved to Wales, in the same Diocese as me - if that is true I do hope that our paths will cross ere long). But the other good news is that Cleveland Diocese in the USA has had a rap over the episcopal knuckles direct from Rome. 13 churches due to be shut down by the Diocese have received a reprieve thanks to intervention from the Vatican.
Middlesborough, please take note.

Third in line is a book review on the Hilaire Belloc blog. Of course, the book is about HB but I wanted to draw attention to both the book and the great man.
His poetry is especially wonderful and portrays a very Catholic sentiment.
The book is called 'Old Thunder' and the author is Joseph Pierce. Something for the birthday list, yes?

The man who would be Knight blog has an excellent piece on what is meant by knighthood. This is something that we Catholics seem to have forgotten about today but, if you believe that all chivalry towards women stems from love and reverence for the womanhood of Our Lady, you will enjoy this post.

Demetri lives......excellent coverage from Umble Pie. Who was behind this ad? They deserve a medal. It is the same sex marriage subject but, it is different.

Matthew D'Ancona wrote a scruffy piece in Sunday's Telegraph in which he spoke up for homosexual marriage and twisted GK Chesterton into the plot quite scurrilously. Catholic and Welsh has leapt to GKC's defence and given Matthew D a bit of a pasting, well deserved.

Finally, the last post goes to those strong men of the North, the community on Papa Stronsay. The Transalpine Redemptorists have a video clip with a priest speaking out, he has his say and it's worth watching.

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