Friday, 24 February 2012

The Brandsma Seven!

                                              Blessed Titus - Ora pro nobis

The pick of the week's top posts from the Catholic blogosphere......

1. What is the link between poultry and Catholicism?

Well, as a poultry keeper myself, my eye was taken by this intriguing post from Katie Sciba.
Sadly, Katie is referring to our Christian courage rather than advice on how to get your hens laying more eggs but she does go on to quote from St Francis – are you an ostrich, chicken, swallow or eagle?
 Read the post and find out HERE

2. This one is for priests who want to celebrate Ad Orientum (Usus Antiquior) but who need the assurance that it's kosher, well, not quite kosher but it's OK.
Thanks to The Eponymous Flower for an interesting post.

3. It's good to know that we have some strong Bishops out there; men who boldly state the truth. Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia is one such man, bravo! This is a news agency report on him HERE

4. At first you might say: "Oh, no, not more on Vatican II!" but this piece on how it is being misinterpreted is sound and interesting. Thanks to Jay Boyd of Philothea on Phire.

5. One for the brick by brick file as Fr Z might say. Roma Locuta Est reports on Liturgical Changes - but good ones, doing away with the 'greeting' at the start of Mass and calling a halt to the removal of infants for whatever it is they do when they are Hamelined off backstage. More to follow, hopefully.

6. Our very own Fr Simon Henry reports on Catholic education and how Cardinal Bertone is locked in a tussle with the University of Peru who wish to move things along in a manner foreign to Holy Mother Church's teachings. They have until Easter to submit before His Eminence brings the Canons to bear.

7. Finally, for those who enjoy theological enigmas, here is one from
 Fr Ryan Erlenbush. "If Christ could not sin, how was He tempted in the Desert?"

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