Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Glue of Apathy And The Ugly Word "Zeal"

One of the problems with modern day Catholics seems to be a huge propensity to apathy. Those of us who blog find that our readers seem isolated in their EU communities-being the few among the many; the many who simply do not care or do not get the signs of the times. Apathy glues the mouth shut, clogs up the brain, and gums up the soul.

Catholics, by baptism, have a duty to go out into the world and spread the Gospel. That most Catholics do not do this at work, or even in their families, seems obvious by the fact that the Church in the EU is so weak.

One diocese with which I am familiar has so few seminarians that church closings will happen in the future. The glue of apathy in families stops talk about sacrifice and giving back to God. The noblesse oblige of the old Catholic families has disappeared.

Apathy means that evil grows daily in various forms. Ennui and cynicism among Catholics leads to a black hole where the light of the Gospel should burn brightly. Small pockets of light-those who blog the truth, and those who stand up against the enemies of the Church-seem fewer and fewer.

To continue fighting in the Church Militant takes energy, both spiritual and physical. The glue of apathy joins couch-potato Catholics to the enemy camps. Sadly, if one is not for Christ and His Church openly and strongly, one is cooperating with evil. Bloggers will be silenced. We have seen this already. The powers that be have many ways to silence bloggers, and the enemy we do not see, the evil one, gives power to those who hate the Church.

In my temporary county exile, I pray for British Catholics, who I hope to serve more directly in the future. I have zeal for the Church. For many British Catholics, zeal is an ugly, contentious word. I have posted comments on two blogs of late in England and my comments were not published because of "zeal".

Too many Catholics want to continue pretending that there is a safe middle ground in spiritual warfare. I suppose that zeal is a dirty word to the inhabitants of the small island which saw the ravages of a civil war-families by the sword divided.

Can we not see that the civil war in Great Britain was merely an acting out of what is behind the scenes-hatred for the Church? No, there is no middle ground.

And his disciples remembered, that it was written: The zeal of thy house hath eaten me up. John 2:17 DR

Christ showed us how to be zealous. We have no choice in this matter. Either we love the Church and are zealous for the spreading of the Gospel, or our mouths are glued shut with apathy, and maybe fear. Does anyone think that the Kingdom of God is worth fighting for on this earth?  

The zeal of Thy house consumes me....

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