Sunday, 16 March 2014

Challenge to Guild Members

I am sure I am not the only one to notice the quick demise of a prominent Catholic newspaper in Britain. We have already seen that The Tablet, which broke with the Church on Humanae Vitae so long ago, thus setting a precedent of "informed dissent", no longer represents the main-stream beliefs of most Catholics.

Now, and you all can look on my blog for the name, a newspaper I thought was "solid", has fallen into the same old patterns of playing footsy with the enemies of the Church.

Time for a change.

I want to start a Catholic newspaper in Great Britain which is really Catholic. I want this to be the vanguard news source for Catholic issues, full of excellent Catholic commentary and articles by such good priests who celebrate the TLM.

Any takers? Are there any donors out there who would help with this venture?

Perhaps the collapse of the last really Catholic newspaper is a sign either that a new one is necessary, or that is the age of the news blog.

Ideas, comments?  Many think this age is, indeed, of electronic newspaper. What do you all think?

I want to start up a website newspaper for English consumption. Who will help with this?

It has to be smart, intelligent and CATHOLIC.



  1. Much needed. Rosary for this intention? Who can do web design?

  2. Check out Regina Magazine.

  3. it could be done!!modernism has finally crept into the centre of the catholic herald with dissenting anti-catholics being given the pride of place.i would love to be part of such an endeavour traditional Catholicism will save our church and the new church of nice and happy clappy will whither on the vine!god bless Philip Johnson..


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