Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lynette Burrows to address the 'Inn Catholics' on 'The Anarchy of Government'...

Lynette in full flow at the Oxford Union

Venue: The Greencoat Boys Pub, 2 Greencoat Place, London SW1P 1PJ.

Time: Wednesday the 2nd of April at 19.30. 

Lynette used to be a features writer for the Telegraph but, eventually, got tired of it and now writes only when asked about something specific. Two of her books (the first one, 'Good Children', is being published for the fourth time later this year) defend the right of parents to smack their children on the grounds that it is far less bullying than nagging - because children understand it! 

Dr Burrows has run a small language school for the last twenty years in her garden. She has six children, twenty-five grandchildren and, tragically, was widowed last year.

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