Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Father Corapi on Sharing our Faith to Others


  1. As EWTN have stopped showing all Fr Corapi's stuff while he is under investigation dont you think you shoul remove this?
    I pray he is completley innocent but he is retired from all public speaking ubtil such time as a verdict is reached

  2. Paul Priest [On The Side of The Angels] says:

    Any contributor on here who finds this an awkward situation - please feel free to remove this - but I will give you my position.

    When I can find another priest on video saying something congruent to the Spirit of this?
    Yes I will remove it...
    Is not someone innocent until proven guilty?
    Well they should be treated accordingly.
    Until then?

  3. I agree with Paul personally.

  4. I am glad you have thought it over but is it canonicaly correct, isnt that why EWTN have stopped showing him?

  5. It is absolutely correct canonically. There was no valid reason for EWTN to pull the Fr Corapi sessions.
    It appears to have been a 'knee jerk' reaction that has only compounded the problems faced by this holy man.

  6. Sorry, that last comment was from me.....Richard Collins - can't seem to access my Google account.


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