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February 24, 303 XV

This is part of a longer series on the persecution of Diocletian. One can use the link at the bottom for more posts.

The Romans had done persecutions before. What was the difference? Diocletian helped calm down the stress of financial difficulties.

He increased taxes, built up the army, made it into a military state which were all things that worked before.

What was the difference which caused the persecution of the Catholics?

Two things caused the hatred of the Catholics-one the stress of the people being on the edge of the decline of the civilization.

Second, the return to rejuvenate the glory that was Rome was based on a conservatism, of a system which was outdated, as the new system emerging was feudalism, which was local government, a new idea, as the empire idea was passe.

Rome was twice the size of the old USSR. The empire model was ending fast, the imperial system was old and weary, whereas the local systems were growing.

The Senate was made up of local Roman families, not world travelers, like the emperors or the army.

Rome was reliant on the supply lines, corn from Egypt, and other far trade routes. Over-centralization killed Rome-Rome could not re-invent itself.

A city like Rome has never existed since then, never. A real center of politics, technology, trade and it was increasingly reliant on charismatic leaders like Diocletian.


Stress is now in the States. I see it and I feel it. Europeans feel the stress. The infrastructures we take for granted are
crumbling, The same was true in 303. The inside  of the empire was crumbling. Therefore, a scapegoat had to be found.

The Catholics became the scapegoats because they were the largest minority group. They were at least 20% to 30% of the population. They were seen as a threat to the old common good.

There were many Catholics in the military. And, they could command armies, and even become emperor.

But, they did not worship the common gods. They did not worship the State.

They were THE threat to the world order. A huge system which was NOT pagan threatened the system.

Yes! We are on the edge now.

I can see and feel the stress here in America where I write, and abroad in many countries. Stress will lead to persecution. It has all happened before.....

Catholicism could not be adopted by the pagans, as other cults were. Catholicism could not be put into the melting pot.
The West is a melting pot, or has been. And the separation of church and state is ending, as the state will create a religion of secularism.

Are you getting ready?

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  1. Corruption killed the Roman Empire. And the extreme centralization, the author wrote about, often leads to corruption. The important lessons for the West are two: 1.) Corruption ruins and empire/nation, and 2.) Republics, where the leader is elected every few years, leads to the worst sort of person getting that position: because the leadership job is open to being purchased by corrupt individual and they are often open to bribery. Most of the leaders of Rome, after they stopped having kings, were corrupt or incompetent.


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