Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Musings on The National and The Universal

A highly intelligent person told me over a year ago how he was converted in the streets of Rome, coming out of  Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio one summer day and noticing the hundreds of people on the street from all over the world.

He was instantly struck with the difference between his "national" Anglican church and the universal Catholic Church. He not only had this epiphany, that the universal Church is the one, true Church, but he instantly converted.

Today, I was musing on the fact of the impending demise of power of the national church, and how the step-sister Catholic Church would respond to disestablishment.

Can the Catholic Church in England be honest and forthright enough not to mourn the ending of the national institution of Anglicanism? Some Catholics believe that the national church has maintained a Christian ethos in England by the fact of establishment.

I disagree and believe that the confusion caused by the shifting into relativism and moral subjectivity one sees clearly in the established church has done more harm than good in modern times.

So, if disestablishment occurs, what should be the response of the hitherto step-sister, the one, true, holy, and apostolic Church?

Massive evangelization...

We should be preparing both mentally and spiritually for disestablishment, which will happen. The fact that the state church has compromised itself in most areas of doctrine and morals means that there will be a huge vacuum when the last vote for the destruction of the Anglican church happens.

Are we ready? Is there a missionary plan?

Why should Catholics be caught unprepared for the inevitable?

Cinderella became the princess not merely by waiting, but by listening to her fairy godmother.

We have the Holy Spirit giving us our "temporal mission" in the Church. Should we not be listening and cooperating with grace to change from the step-sister in the small corner of the room to the real princess, the Bride of Christ?

Just thoughts on a warm evening in the country...more here...

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