Thursday, 8 May 2014

A Comment And A Question

I love Blessed Titus Brandsma. He is one of my chosen personal patrons.

I love the members of this blog as brothers and sisters of Christ.

But, I am wondering what a guild really is?

Here is the simple definition of a guild.

A guild has been defined as "an association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power."

A guild has also been defined as "an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal."

Regarding the first part of the definition, one can see that 
such "craftsmen" must have something in common. 
They must actually be doing something. 

This "doing" for the Guild here is writing, on individual blogs and on this blog.

    If a blogger has decided to make his blog dormant, he is no longer working for the part of the second 
    definition, which is "an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of the common goal."

The common goal is the promulgation of Catholic teaching and Catholic thinking on certain subjects.
The "mutual aid" is the support bloggers should be seeing for each other in our work of blogging.

So, my question is this, "How many bloggers in the Guild actually still blog, still add to this blog, and help
each other in the work of the New Evangelization?
Guilds were not merely social gatherings, but organized to facilitate work. And, as indicated in the definition, 
some guilds became 'powerful" because of this working together.

 I treasure this blog and all the good people I have met in the Guild. But, are we a real guild, or an illusion?

 I, for one, as a person blogging away in the middle of ... nowhere, need support and "mutual aid".

 I also need to see work being done for the Kingdom of God on this excellent blog for my own sake.

Can we renew this guild to really be a guild? 

    Can we find ways to support each other in our blogging and on 
    this blog?

    Just wondering....


  1. I am one who has been lax in blogging. Part of the reason is a heavier work load. Part of the reason is that I can no longer justify taking time to scream into the storm. The attacks on the faith from within and without the church are so strong... I don't know if I should call out those in apostasy, or pray in silence. So there you go. If I am a member of a true guild, I'm not really pulling my weight.

  2. Thanks for this & point taken - I haven't posted here for quite some time, assuming, oh well, it's fine, I have a link in the sidebar so people will see what I write anyway... But that takes away from the purpose of the Guild site & I think you are right, perhaps its bloggers need something more to hold them together. Perhaps a core of a dozen or more people could consider more or less committing themselves to posting something fairly meaty on this site once every six weeks, say? And introduce some kind of thread of conversation or theme within everyone's posts, to run over a month or so? I wonder whether anyone who is blogging regularly, in any case, would be interested in that kind of program. It wouldn't be too onerous but might give some cohesion.


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