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God loves a cheerful giver

 A Welsh priest who won his crown on England’s soil

Edward Morgan was born in Flintshire in the early part of the 17th century.
While little is known of his early life he studied for the priesthood in Rome, Valladolid and Madrid, finally being ordained at Salamanca in 1642.

Returning to England he was apprehended and incarcerated in the Fleet Prison where he was to spend the next fourteen years during which time his physical and mental condition deteriorated to such a degree that, at one stage, there were fears for his sanity.

His piety, however, was not dimmed, far from it.
Such was the zeal of this holy man that he forgave his tormentors and proved an inspiration to his fellow prisoners.

Receiving his sentence on the feast of St George 1642, he was overcome with such joy that he exclaimed “Enough, O Lord, enough”.

His journey by cart to the scaffold was borne with an abundance grace and humility and he won over the sympathy of the crowd that followed his way of the cross.

Once at the scaffold the Venerable Edward stood on the cart and preached a sermon based on The Good Shepherd and told the mob that all should be prepared to die for Christ just as He had died for us.

As the noose was placed around his neck he smiled and said that he hoped to be sent to Heaven wearing a rope.

When rebuked by a Protestant minister he responded: “What offence is there in going to Heaven cheerfully?”

The Venerable Edward Morgan won his martyr’s crown on April 26th 1642 – Ora pro nobis!

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  1. I love Wales. And I love the martyrs of England and Wales-thanks for the reminde

    Pray that one seminarian,who has a birthday today and was named after two martyrs, will be a very holy priest.


    1. A happy birthday to your son and prayers, of course.

  2. oopsie an r is missing and no dialects intended

    I need to find my glasses



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