Wednesday, 7 August 2013

We are Living in a Time of Great Persecution and Schism

It is time to wake up the neighbors and the family members who have been quietly going about their business and saying that it could never happen.  It is already happening.  It is happening now.  The 'it' is the schism in the Roman Catholic church between, not liberals and rad-trads, but between the faithful Catholics and those who are contributing to the schism and persecution.

The following links will demonstrate the global nature of the persecution and resulting schism.  They are in no particular order.

These articles represent the tip of the iceberg.  These are the ones that come to my mind this morning.  I haven't really touched on the abuses within the church that are causing the schism.  If you have time, add some links in the comments box.  Awareness, education, and fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic church will be our weapons as we experience the white martyrdom of this persecution in Europe and the United States.  Let's remember to pray for those who are experiencing the red martyrdom in Muslim and Communist countries.


  1. Also, many countries are against home schooling, a direct hit to Catholics, who hold the idea that the parents are the main and fundamental teachers of their children.

    The schism in America has been there since the heresy of Americanism in the 19th century, when some very prominent bishops decided Rome's influence and authority over the so-called American Church was not wanted.

    There are three main reasons for the schisms in America and Europe: one, the use of contraception and tacit approval by so many clerics, esp. in Europe; two, the acceptance of socialism, continually condemned by all the Popes since 1848; the acceptance of heterodoxy instead of the insistence of orthodoxy, in the happy clappy churches.

    Shades of 1558, huh?

  2. Exactly, Supertradmom. By the way, I love your monicker!


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