Thursday, 1 August 2013

Persecution Watch-Great Britain

Many of us bloggers warned about the repercussions of this same-sex-"marriage" bill earlier this year. See my other post earlier this year on this blog.

But, the blame is to partially be put on the shoulders of those who did not speak up at the time. My pastor in Sussex did, daily, for almost two weeks. An excellent priest, he said the passage of the bill, (and he was speaking while it was before the House of Commons), would effect everyone's lives, men, women, children, grandparents.

And, those who will be hit with fines and even imprisonment will be the clergy first.

Time for all of us to examine out consciences and pray for holiness and perseverance. We have seen all of this before.

St John Fisher said these things:

"The fort is betrayed,even by those who should have defended it."  

"Not that I condemn any other men's conscience. Their conscience may save them, and mine must save me."

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