Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Renovating the Right Way

I've been in many parishes while renovations were taking place, and it can be hard to make a space that feels reverent.  Folding chairs, basketball hoops, and bad sound systems can make it hard to focus on why we are at Mass in the first place.
I was reprimanded last weekend for speaking too loudly as I was leaving our parish hall, which is substituting for our church during renovations.  The irony was that I was taking about how wonderful it was to have so much of the sacred in our temporary chapel.

Look at this:

I want you to notice a few details here.  The altar was crafted for this purpose, and holds the Tabernacle.  There is a table between the chairs for Father's biretta.  In the dark opening in the distance, you can see the door of the temporary plywood confessionals.  The statue of Saint Anthony is one of several that we moved from the church to increase the sense of the sacred in this temporary home.  The icons of the Madonna were transferred as well.

You can pick out other features, but special note must be given to the communion rail.  It was lovingly crafted last week by a parishioner who knew it was important.  I'm thinking of making some small foam pads to assist those who cannot kneel on the floor during the Eucharistic prayers.

So, Father Cook, I'm sorry I was being loud after Mass.  I was just so happy that such care has been given to create a holy temporary space.

For more on the renovation please visit: http://www.stpeterchurch.net/


  1. Foam pads are good! Thanks for this post, even the church hall looks better than most Catholic Churches in the UK.

  2. Thanks Richard. We are very blessed in our Pastor, assistants and the parish as a whole.


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