Thursday, 6 June 2013

Please help this good priest (and blogger)

St Jean Vianney - also tormented by the devil
 Some of us know Fr Mildew (as he blogged) as a great and doughty fighter for the Faith.

You will recall, also, that he came up against a certain Mgr Basil Loftus and was treated to a series of threats that Fr M found most upsetting.

I have been informed that there are forces at work, out there, who would still like to plague Fr Mildew with taunts and jibes, how devilish.

Now, I am not, definitely not, stating that this is coming from Mgr L, but there are others who love to indulge in priest baiting.

It would be helpful, therefore, if any links or connections to Fr Mildew are removed from any blogs that may still be carrying them.

And, please remember this good priest in your prayers...the persecution of Catholic priests did not end in the 18th carries on apace.

Richard Collins - Linen on the Hedgerow


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