Tuesday, 19 March 2013

An Open Letter to Simon Jenkins

This is a little late, but never mind. All of us in the Catholic World have been very, very busy of late.

On March 14th, Simon Jenkins of the Guardian wrote a blazing article against the Catholic Church.

Of course, the seculars always pick on our moral stands against contraception, abortion and SSM. That is par for the course at this point.

What is interesting to me is that seculars even bother to write something against the Church.

Why is Jenkins compelled to write something nasty at all? If he truly thinks the Church is irrelevant, why does he bother to address the issues?

Here is my open letter to Simon Jenkins,

Dear Sir,

You article, here noted, at http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/mar/14/election-of-new-pope-gods-olympics, dated March 14th, prompts me to ask several questions, if you do not mind.

Now, before I do ask these questions, let me state that I am an ex-Marxist agnostic, and when I was in most vehement anti-religious stage, I simply ignored the Church. I was busy doing other things to build up the City of Man and did not have time or energy to put into dissing the City of God.

Are you upset that the Pope gets more media attention than your column, perhaps?

Are you really worried that millions of people in the world will leave their secular, anti-religious ways and become Catholics, and what you call, members of a "reactionary sect"?

If you are not a contracepting or aborting Catholic, why are so concerned about those whom we call "lapsed"?

It seems to me that if you really do not like the Pope, the hierarchy, the moral and doctrinal beliefs of the Church, you could just ignore these.

I really do not pay too much attention to seculars, except to warn my fellow Catholics against sloppy thinking or a lack of rational discourse.

Well, I did read your column, but I am not going to assume you want to hear my opinion.


Marie Dean

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