Sunday, 6 November 2011

Christian Christmas postage stamps

The Royal Mail should be praised (perhaps you would like to do so by writing to them) for honouring the birth of Our Saviour in their Christmas stamps this year. The first and second class stamps show Jesus in the Arms of Mary and the Angel appearing to Joseph. The relevant biblical reference from Matthew’s Gospel is clearly given on each stamp.

All Christians should ensure that they buy and use these stamps for their Christmas mail and also encourage their Christian friends and contacts to do so as well. The stamps should be available from all Post Offices and stamp retailers from Tuesday 8th November.

If we as Christians can demonstrate massive support for these stamps, maybe, just maybe, the Royal Mail will reconsider its policy of promoting a purely secular view of this great Christian festival in alternate years. Meanwhile, if we fail in that, remember that the "Madonna" stamps remain available throughout the year and use those in the "secular" years.

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