Saturday, 3 September 2011

Are we elitist? I hope so!

Sometimes the meaning of words becomes distorted over time and gradually a quite different meaning from the original one creeps in. Elite or elitism is a good example; quite often Traditional Catholics are accused of elitism but I believe that it is a word that all Catholics should strive to comply with – after all, it just means being, or trying to be, the best…..doesn’t it?

Here is a dictionary definition:-

( often used with a plural verb ) the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as of a group or class of persons.

We speak of an elite corps of troops as being military who, by their considerable efforts to be the best, have acquired the accolade. The same word could be applied to any group of people who perform to the best of their ability – an orchestra, a special needs drama company, the Wigan and Bury Streetcleaners Association – it’s not class sensitive!

                                                    Definitely the elite!
We claim that we are the ‘one true Church’ – that may well be part of being elite but we know that we need to do much more than just prance around a claim such as that. We need to be holy, apostolic, mindful of Christ’s teachings and those of his Vicar on earth, the Holy Father.
We must abide by the civil structure that surrounds us and, at the same time remember that we are God’s servants first. We must, above all else, love God and then our neighbour.

And, finally, when we are deserving of the word we should use it with caution; it should not be a brag or a boast but a good, honest statement of fact.

And when our time comes and, we hopefully, receive the acclaim: “Well done thou good and faithful servant” it will be the ultimate acknowledgement that we are well and truly elite.

Posted by Richard Collins – Linen on the Hedgerow

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