Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Myths about the middle ages

Last evening, after Mass at Maiden Lane, a group of us were enjoying some good conversation and the topic of relics of the true cross came up. (At the time of the Reformation, it was commonly sneered that there were enough such relics to build a battleship, Noah's ark, a forest etc.) I knew that someone had actually researched the volume of all the known relics of the cross and had calculated that they would not amount to a single cross of the size used to crucify Our Lord. Looking up google today, I tracked down that it was Charles Rohault de Fleury who wrote Memoire sur les instruments de la passion in 1870.

As sometimes happens, I found another page that I thought would be worth sharing with you: James Franklin's Myths about the middle ages which covers many of the common ones.


  1. I understand this is a bloggers' blog, an archive. Where is the post that Catholic with Attitude was encouraged to contribute after his graduation which he said he did?
    Who is the editor please and to whom should posts be addressed?
    We are trying to create a valuable, inclusive blog, male and female, with material appealing to different levels of knowledge and intellect within the broad scope of loyalty to the Magisterium.
    Could we have an update on the state of play on this work in progress.
    Thank you.

  2. Diddleymaz, I am not down as a contributor either, I suggest an email to Laurence.

  3. Richard

    You should be a contributor, so please email me and I will try and see what's happened.


  4. Query

    Anyone who wants to contribute must contact the Guild. Preferable via my email: areluctantsinner@gmail.com

    I'm afraid I haven't heard from Shaun, as much as I'd like to.

  5. Dylan.
    From Shaun's blog comments. Post "Overjoyed" 30 June:

    Catholic with Attitude said...

    Michael: I have written to the Guild and suggested two posts (the TOB and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati posts) and am waiting to hear back.

    30 June 2011 13:46

    Did these go to Laurence whose name is under the heading "How to join" not yours. Could you include yours perhaps?

  6. @ Reluctant Sinner

    This is it what it says above-

    "If you would like to join the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma and thereby become a contributor to the blog, please contact Laurence England at englandsgardens@gmail.com and we will take it from there."

    Under "How to Join" please add or replace with YOUR email address as you advise in your comment.
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  7. Just noticed this post:
    Any chance that you could clarify the situation with regards to the ACWB?
    I hope it is a mistake and that membership of the ACWB does NOT mean that one is barred from membership here.
    That sort of silly clubbishness isn't catholic and gets up most peoples noses.
    Apart, of course, from those IN the club that is.

  8. I hate to harp on but it would be really helpful to have this matter cleared up.
    Is there a conflict between the Guild and the ACWB?
    If there is none, and this is an unfortunate misunderstanding then it would be good to know.
    Why the silence?
    Surely the two blogs should be harmoniously complementary to eachother?

  9. @ Clare

    I totally agree with you that both blogs can compliment each other.

    Sometimes it's good to follow the example of Our Lord, who remained silent even when he could have defended himself. Silence is often a better way of loving, and being at peace.

    There is no conflict at all between both groups, as far as I know. In fact I have often invited members of the ACWB to join the Guild.

    I think it best to move on, together, in the one Lord and Saviour; for all our sakes.

    Now, it might be a good idea to comment on Fr Tim's post?

    If you want to email me about personal matters or queries, please do so: areluctantsinner@gmail.com

    God bless. D

  10. Thank you Reluctant sinner
    But you haven't said that this blogger was not removed for posting on ACWB or told that she should choose one or the other.
    I'm still confused, but this inclines me to think that the post on ACWB was not mistaken.
    I'll email you.


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