Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Who am I that the Mother of my Lord should visit me?

We can all echo the words of St Elizabeth, for surely we who have recourse to Mary have felt the embrace of Our Heavenly Mother at times of trouble and grief?
 I have turned to Mary, Our Lady of sorrows and she has comforted me because Her Son died too.
In times of joy she shares our happiness because she rejoiced at the goodness of God and the wonder of His Blessings.
When I am troubled by worries I look to the image of the  Icon of Vladimir on my wall..Our Lady Mother of Tenderness, embracing Her Beloved Holy Son and her eyes of love and tenderness calm my soul and point me to Jesus.I thank God for Mary.
Theotokos of Vladimir


  1. Post author?

  2. I wrote this post,forgot that my name wouldn't automatically appear .

  3. Nice to know who sent the Icon.
    Lovely to see it and the accompanying words.
    Thank you.


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